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Be at home in nature at Ormanada
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Ormanada offers exclusive lifestyle opportunities for its residents with its walking and cycling routes, 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, a multi-purpose sports area, 2 recreation areas and 8 playgrounds within its 25 acres of green areas.

Adameydan, the social facilities that bring residents of Ormanada together, includes Starbucks, Macrocenter and MacFit Gym to which all the homeowners are natural members, enriching the quality of life for its residents.
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Choose your new home in Ormanada

Kitchens and living rooms adjacent to gardens and terraces, redefine living spaces by connecting you to nature at every turn. Full glass windows of villas, create a spacious environment filled with beautiful daylight.
  • H 480
  • L 410
  • H 380
  • L 290 - Sold out !
  • ÇD 200 - Sold out !
  • BD 180 - Sold out !
  • H 700 - Sold out !